“Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.”
— Kahlil Gibran

A Brotherhood Reborn is a high-magic campaign set primarily in the corrupt Kingdom of Arcadia. It will follow our heroes as they form alliances, build an army, and rebuild a rebellion in order to overthrow a tyrannical King.

“Nothing in history was ever changed by being quiet and accepting things as they were.”



A New Ally? After coming back from Miridan Ollie was called away by Victor. The rest of the crew began to see these fliers everywhere asking for capable people to help look for Aquilarious. The gang headed over to his shop only to find the same vendor that sold Flint that “magic” broom. Flint got his money back or most of it anyways. They found out the guys name was Albion and he worked for Aquilarious, not just that but he was pretty much raised by him. He explained that Art (Aquilarious) didn’t know anything about magic he just thinks Alfie is a good salesmen. The truth of it though is Alfie was just doing what he had to. The shop hasn’t been doing well, they don’t get very many customers. The gang got a small tour of Alfie’s room, if it could even be called that, and discovered he was a wizard. After the introductions the gang went to Haven with Albi to find Art. They spent a couple of days there before being approached. They met the people that had Art by the river and found themselves in a really bad spot. They demanded Alfie open this ornate box or Art would die. He did so and the bandits quickly looted the contents. Alfie was then entangles, and Illivaun turned into a potted plant. Flint looked up just in time to see Art be tossed into the rapids and the bandits make off with….. no that can’t be right. It was unmistakable a glowing yellow stone, it was an Archstone. Flint made the difficult call and saved Art when he surfaced he had just enough time to see the bandits blink out of sight. They found a book and Art was grateful for his life as was Alfie. The crew returned to Algasi and had Nazrek start moving troops into their new fort it had been two weeks already and the repairs were coming along nicely. What will happen next

A Brotherhood Reborn

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