A Brotherhood Reborn

Against all odds


Against all odds. The gang made their way to a volcano. they found the things they were tracking were kobolds. after several hours making their way through the volcano the discovered many things such as weird fire creatures that had tablets with vague writing on them. they later found out it was part of a logic puzzle. they also fought a fire elemental in the center of the temple. However none of that compared to the final trial they were to endure. They found all of the prisoners tied to stalagmites, all of the kobolds were gathered in this room chanting the same thing over and over again NEANDRIX. The party fought Neandrix which turned out to be a red dragon. the battle was long and grueling, hope seemed lost as party members started dropping, but at the last moment Illivan with the blessing of Andromalek struck the killing blow bringing the beast down. They also found out the Dragon was guarding the arc fire stone. What will they do next?



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