A Brotherhood Reborn

On the run

On the run again. The gang managed to re-enter the factory only to encounter no one. after some searching around they find Dr. Shinra working in his office. He puts everyone in a trance and a battle ensues. Ollie challenged the Dr. to a duel. She lost. after forcing the Dr. to retreat Leo flooded the factory. Long story short the group gained renown in Mara. Which didn’t last long Damian informed the group an old friend had fixed his airship and would be here any moment. so the group departed. the stumbles onto an island with a volcano short on supplies and currently on the run they set up camp on the beach. Nami sent out a scouting party which never returned. being the heroes our party is they set off after the scouting party and tracked something to the entrance of the volcano. What will happen next.



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