A Brotherhood Reborn

Zakathra's Journal

Post 1
I can hardly believe how far we have come; yet, we still have so far to go. Our group has been inundated with new faces recently—it has been overwhelming. First, Lorien. She is the same fiery young woman I remember so long ago. Difficult as ever, but reliable. Her sharp tongue is a blessing and a curse. If she were less capable, I might be worried about her.

Sam and Grog spend their time discussing their bed and breakfast, arguing over every miniscule detail—décor, food, ale. They are always thinking and planning. Their ale sounds interesting. I’m sure they will find success in Algassi; If there is any city in the world where a human and a half-orc can open a tap house and find commercial success, it is this one. The Smashing Pumpkin is destined for greatness.

Nami and her crew remain hard at work, as usual. She plays the part of Captain well. She keeps her guard up—a wise precaution when you keep pirates as company. Tobias and Lamar have been running a small shop on the ship. Occasionally they will drink a little too much of Havok’s brew and begin to recite poetry! They are quite talented, even if their poems can be a little…crass, at times. Speaking of Havok, he spends most of his free time doting on his cannon. I hear his small explosive device found relative success at the factory in Mara—Olivia came back more than a little singed after being caught in the blast. Poor girl.

Rex didn’t seem to be phased by his mishap with the bounty hunter. He’s still the same lecherous little halfling we’ve all come to know and grudgingly accommodate. He still follows Olivia around like a sick puppy, but he’s had quite a bit of fun bothering Tit and Tat as of late. He doesn’t seem to mind his things being stolen, so long as he gets a little attention. Will he ever learn?

Icarus has been crucial in navigating the ship thus far. If he were more confident, he would be a very talented storm cleric. Instead, he lets his self-doubt cloud his mind. He’s still so young. I feel horrible to drag him into the middle of such a bloody conflict. I can only hope he grows more confident with age and with practice.

Sovalis is—well, he is Sovalis. He questions everything. I am interested to see how long he decides to stay with the rebellion. It is rare for a Firbolg to travel so far away from his grove…

Lucina left late in the night before we set sail for Algassi. She didn’t speak with anyone before she left, but I know she has been unsatisfied for a while. I do hope she finds what she is looking for.

Then there is Tit and Tat. They are…interesting, to say the least. I can’t say I approve of their lifestyle choices, but it is not my place to judge. They will be leaving once we reach the city, I’m sure. I can’t imagine they would find much satisfaction in being a rebel. Insurgency doesn’t pay the bills.

The Outlanders are gone, too, on another quest. It is good that they are spreading our reach, but Kaine was sad to see them go, regardless.

Kaine. Where do I even begin? He has lost so much. He sacrificed so much of his life to this cause. Usually, he is so cheerful and optimistic. Since Azmin, he has been quiet, reserved. He drowns himself in alcohol every night to the point he can barely stand… Returning to his home must have brought back so many painful memories. I wish I could help him.

Then there is Flint, Olivia, and Illivan. These three are, without a doubt, the future leaders of this rebellion. They have so much potential, so much resolve. To an outsider, they may look like criminals or mercenaries, but they are so much more than that—they are heroes. They fought back the goblin army at Azmin. They destroyed the factory poisoning the people of Mara and their food supply. I believe in them…it has been a long time since I’ve believed in much of anything…I’ve been looking for our former general, but I haven’t a clue where he might be hiding. I’m all but useless without my focus, and I find myself struggling to understand my place in this rebellion.

Flint, too, struggled to find his place. He is always second guessing himself. I believe he still carries the guilt of this past. I have only heard bits and pieces of the story, but he thinks himself weak for falling under Tit and Tat’s spell and so easily handing over the Arch Stone to them. I wish there was some way to reassure him—let him know he is not weak. I wish I had a way to show him every misstep I took when I was first beginning my journey and show him that it is okay to make mistakes. He is brave, acutely intelligent in a way no one else in this rebellion is. We will be much worse without him in our ranks, that is for sure. I very much so hope he and Olivia can learn to communicate more effectively…

Speaking of Olivia…she is argumentative, distrustful, and stubborn—much like I was at her age. She has lost so much in the past few months; I’m sure the memories sting like salt in the wound. She is hardly more than a child, trying so desperately to cling to whatever parts of her past she can. She is so young and so inexperienced, it can be easy to forget that she is one of the most politically powerful people in Arcadia and deserving of respect. I must remember to reach out and give her some guidance…I was once just as awkward and clumsy. Still…she is driven in a way that is frightening at times; she is covered in scars she refuses to acknowledge and trains every day until her knuckles bleed. She is not just the child of a Duke. I cannot help but fear she is not committed to the cause. I fear her desire for power—for revenge—will lead her down dark roads better not taken…

Lastly there is Illivan. Illivan has absolutely no filter. It can be charming—at the right moment. He has grown cold towards me in the recent weeks. He used to be so flirtatious…it made me feel normal. It was a splendid feeling. It had been a long time since I felt so happy…I wonder why he stopped. It is hard for me to admit, but it does hurt. He keeps his secrets well, never letting more than a few sentences slip at a time. I can’t blame him. It must be so hard, knowing your child is out there, kidnapped, but not knowing where he is or what you must do to find him. I cannot say I envy him.

My time has come and gone. It is time for new leaders to step up and take their place in the rebellion. I have no doubt that these three can bring an end to this terrible war and liberate the people of Arcadia.



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