Earth Genasi, Sellsword, Merchant


Earth Genasi

Flint has golden eyes and skin of literal white marble. He has shaggy brown hair that he chops off in bits and pieces randomly, and yet somehow makes that look good. He tends to have groomed stubble. Flint is 6’3" and a strong build, but not to the point where he is stocky.

A lot of the time he is wearing a smirk on his face and his eyes seem to laugh at an inside joke. When he is angry or upset his golden eyes seem to burn and turn molten, and his face becomes as hard and emotionless as the marble he is made of.

Flint doesn’t care that a paladin has 18 AC…


Flint tends to be quiet and observant unless he wants something from you, wether it be gold, items, or information. He put on a lot of charm for people he just meets in order to avoid people from being violently racist, by giving people positive impressions. He still runs into a lot of people being “accidentally racist,” and he tolerates that.

Flint enjoys to hunt and to read, and is a mediocre cook.

Flint mostly travels from town to town selling merchandise, but is willing to do anything from painting a house to tracking down the man that murdered your brother if the gold is good. He doesn’t resort to “hired hitman” very easily, and normally doesn’t dabble in such dark things unless the reasons is extremely well, and the pay is even better.

Speaking of dark things, a year ago his lover, Kiyara, was murdered in front of him and her killer, James framed him for it. Flint has been entertaining thoughts about clear his name ever since, but at the same time is struggling with thoughts of suicide. He has done a lot of self reflection recently, and is at the point now where he won’t actually try to kill himself, but he won’t avoid a situation where he might die either. Ever since Kiyara’s death he has been more stoic than normal, and his good nature doesn’t shine as bright in his eyes as it once did.

Flint is looking for purpose to his life, and when he agreed to help Zakathera and Kaine with their quest he hoped that the adventures the would follow in their wake would give him a goal to aim for. Despite his skill as a sorcerer he is struggling internally to find out the reason why he keeps fighting. Flint had multiple opportunities to meet death with open arms, and yet a pull at his heart keeps him fighting for survival. For hope.

What better way to find hope for his future back home, than to aid in the wishes of the sister of his King? With his reputation in shambles back in Frostfall because of the silver-tongue of the murderer James, what better way to prove his worth than to fight under the secretive Zakathera? If she wants a rebellion he will give her a bloody marvelous rebellion. Or he will die with his last thoughts knowing he will be able to see Kiyara again. However, due to the lack of information that Zakathera has given anyone in the party as far as her plan and how to achieve it, he feels a growing worry that she knows more about him than she is saying. Flint hopes that she will give him the chance to prove himself worthy of her recognition, and that through her approval he can redeem himself in the eyes of the King. He is willing to fight for such a cause for Zakathera, if it means he can go home.

Home. Home is where James is. The liar! The killer! The murderer of her light! The butcher of her happiness! If Zakathera desires a battle that will dethrone a King and tear asunder the history and geography of this world, he will willingly fight for it. Fight for it gladly, if it means at the end of it all he gets to see James the life fade from his eyes the same way he watched it fade from Kiyara’s. To watch the fear in his eyes spread like fire, when the murderer himself had worked so hard to find a glimmer of the same fear in Flint’s. James only found anger in them, and at the end of his life that’s all he will ever see.


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