Olivia Rowan Martel

Heir to the Duchy of Ravinia


Quick Stats

Name: Olivia Martel
Full Title: The Honorable Lady Olivia Rowan of House Martel, by the Grace of Baldir, Most Noble Princess of Rivara, Heir to the Duchy of Ravinia and All Her Territories, Marquis of Amaranthe, Baron of Alara, Defender of the Faith and Last of her Name
Proper Form of Address: Your Grace
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Assassin Rogue
Highest Stat: Charisma
Lowest Stat: Strength
Background: Noble
Goals: Become stronger! Eliminate corruption, regains titles and lands, avenge family.
Fears: Weakness, failure, betrayal, dishonor.
Likes: Finery, Cleanliness, and Wine-

  • Kaine – I asked him to be my retainer. No response yet. I can tell he’s going through a lot of pain right now.
  • Illie – Why does he have so much dexterity and no healing spells? Can’t deny he’s useful, though.
  • Flint – Hm. He’s nice under that rock-hard exterior, I’m sure. He likes reading and has a lot of good ideas.
  • Zakathra – she doesn’t trust us yet. Can’t blame her. I don’t trust her, either.
  • Lorien – She’s pretty cool. We train together sometimes. She is quite talented.
  • Rex – ugh. He’s really perverted but I guess he is kind of growing on me. He’s so desperate it’s almost cute. Almost.
  • Damien – I don’t know what he’s playing at, and I don’t like it. Still, he hasn’t killed us or turned us in and that’s something.


  • I’m extremely neat and organized and don’t like people touching my stuff for this reason.
  • I like to visually express myself, such as dressing or accessorizing according to my mood.
  • I’m a picky eater and won’t touch anything I’m not already accustomed to.
  • I dislike being dirty or unkempt.
  • I’m very slow to trust and exceptionally paranoid.
  • I hate nobles who abuse their station.
  • Chaos and violence are sometimes necessary for the greater good.
  • Individual liberty should never be compromised at the promise of “safety”.
  • I am prone to pouting and giving the silent treatment when I don’t get my way.
  • I get defensive when I am proven wrong.
  • I will not hesitate to kill, so long as it fits my ideals.
  • I’m bad at managing my money.
  • Due to my sheltered upbringing, I’m very naive. I hate it when people call me naive or treat me like a child.
  • I love trashy romance novels.
  • I’m fairly inexperienced in love and romance and it shows.

Olivia Rowan Martel

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