Olivia Rowan Martel

Heir to the Duchy of Ravinia



Name: Olivia Rowan of House Martel
Full Title: The Honorable Lady Olivia Rowan of House Martel, by the Grace of Baldir, Most Noble Princess of Rivara, Heir to the Duchy of Ravinia and All Her Territories.
Proper Form of Address: Your Grace
Race: Half-Elf
Height: 5’
Weight: 89 lbs
Hair Color: Pinkish blonde
Eye Color: Purple and Gold
Class: Assassin Rogue (5) Hexblade Warlock (1)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral-Lawful Good
Highest Stat: Charisma
Lowest Stat: Strength
Background: Noble (Position of Privilege)
Goals: Olivia is obsessed with becoming stronger so she can successfully avenge her family. She feels as though she has made a lot of mistakes that have unduly hurt and injured people, such as letting Roy escape. Any mission that brings her closer to bringing those criminals to justice is a good one in her mind.
Fears: Ollie still fears the man who murdered her family. She has nightmares of what happened on that night. She fears this man above all else. Also on the list: weakness, failure, and dishonor.


  • Kaine – since he’s been sober, he’s been a real pain in my side. He’s just trying to keep me on a righteous path…I know I’ve made some less than honorable calls recently. I’m worried he may be right.
  • Zakathra – she is warming up to us considerably. We went shopping together recently, which was a great bonding experience between ladies. She’s got a thing for Illie, but I don’t know if he sees it…
  • Lorien – we’ve been training together. She’s good. Really good. I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I think she is the only one who can sufficiently challenge me.
  • Rex – Rex is really growing on me. He’s been made Captain of the Algassi Crowes. I’m proud of him—I really am. But I’m kind of sad he won’t be travelling with us as much. If anything happens to him…I will tear the city to the ground.
  • Victor – my best friend. He’s so different now. Responsible. We argue almost every day, but he’s (trying) to help me get this magic thing under control. He even gave me this gemstone to help me channel it.
  • Damien – I’m so confused about him. Is he friend or foe? I don’t even know anymore. He is friendly with Victor, which does give me pause.
  • Gabriel – fbgskjdthgfasdfgkhadfgl dfg He is sooo annoying. DOES HE REALLY EXPECT TO JUST WALK UP TO ME AFTER 5 YEARS AND ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED? HE JUST WALTZES UP, “OH HEY OLIVIA, I’M A JUDGE NOW, SORRY I FORGOT TO TELL YOU FOR FIVE FUCKING YEARS .” REALLY? Ugh. I SWEAR to the Gods, he is somehow even MORE in love with himself than he was the last time I talked to him. I didn’t think it was possible, yet here we are! And don’t even get me started on—


Olivia is a young adult coming to grips with the vicious murder of her family and the sudden realization that she is now the heir to one of the largest and most influential Duchies on the mainland. The idea of ruling terrifies her and she is filled with self-doubt about her leadership skills. Despite her fears, she believes it is her burden to bear. She holds fast to the ideas of “noblesse oblige,” that because of her noble heritage, she must act more courageously, more decisively, and more heroically than the average person. This leads her to make dangerous, sometimes reckless, decisions in the name of honor. She takes her word very seriously and will go to any lengths to keep it, especially when it comes to the common people. She has less sympathy for criminals and terrorists.

Olivia also believes that being a noble means self-sacrifice and that she should be the one to shoulder the responsibility for, well, everything. She is too prideful to ask for help and will do everything in her power to cover up her weaknesses.

Olivia is very neat and clean. She enjoys long baths, complete with wine and a trashy romance novel.

Because she is so young, she tends to be a little bratty. She is prone to pouting and giving the silent treatment when she doesn’t get her way, and she gets defensive when she is proven wrong. Talking down to her or treating her like a child is the fastest way to get on her bad side.

Olivia recently discovered she had magical powers after suffering from a strange nightmare where she witnessed her father wielding a star-speckled sword of matte black metal. She hasn’t put two and two together yet, and is very concerned about why she can suddenly snuff candles out magically.


Olivia was the youngest of the four Martel children. Her older siblings consumed most of her parents’ time and energy, leaving Olivia at the mercy of her many tutors. Her rebellious nature made her a difficult child. Much to her mother’s chagrin, she was more interested in learning the blade than in learning proper etiquette. Olivia repeatedly pestered her brothers—and their retainers—in hopes that one of them would train her in the art of battle. To her dismay, none dared in fear they would incur her mother’s wrath.

Growing up as a half-elf, Olivia lived between two words. Interbreeding was—and is—still frowned upon in the noble courts of Arcadia and Olivia experienced that racism from an early age. Most other nobles regarded her with disdain, if she were lucky. Others—especially Elven nobles—seemed to infantilize both her and her older brother, Laurent, treating them like children incapable of leadership or skill.

Because of this, Olivia lived an isolated life. Her brothers spent most of the year attending a prestigious military school and her sister was an accomplished Lady in the Royal Court. People flocked to Sylvana; She had no shortage of friends.

Olivia had only a few people in her life she could call friends. The first was Victor von Mohrentz. Victor was the son of Duke Marius von Mohrentz and the heir-apparent to the Duchy of Rozenheim. As a child, Victor was gregarious, outgoing, and fearless. As he grew into a young adolescent, these traits intensified.

The second was Gabriel Lavellan, second-born son of Lucius Lavellan, Duke of Chambord. His older brother, Lysander, was betrothed to Sylvana, so their families spent quite a bit of a time together.

Whenever the trio got into trouble, Gabe was the first one to throw the others under the bus to save his own skin. He was serious about his studies and never took well to being second-best. Everything he did, he did with great fervor and dedication. He was stubborn to a fault, but he would find a way to accomplish whatever goal he set for himself.

While Victor and Olivia weren’t always on good terms with their parents, Gabriel’s father seemed apathetic to him at best, and downright adversarial at worst. Anything Gabe achieved, his father was nearby to remind him that Lysander was stronger, smarter, and more talented than him in every way. Despite this, Gabriel worked hard to gain his father’s approval. Meanwhile, Lysander proved a horrible sadist. He took great pleasure in torturing his younger brother, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The three were inseparable for much of their early childhoods and young adolescents. They did all the things young children and teenagers do. They played music (Olivia played the Violin, Gabriel played the piano, and Victor…well, Victor could pick up any instrument and play it as though he had practiced it for years. He favored the lyre, but only slightly), snuck out, caused trouble, and went on all kinds of adventure.

When Gabriel was 17 (still physically and mentally a child), he began attending school in Archades. Whenever he was allowed to leave the campus, he came to Ravinia, to see Victor and Olivia. At Olivia’s insistence, he began to train her. She wasn’t very good at dodging at first, so she had a lot of practice perfecting her sutures. Her parents disapproved of her new hobby, but that didn’t stop the duo. They would sneak out at night to practice.

Much to his father’s vexation, Victor was stricken with an intense wanderlust at an early age. Not long after his 20th birthday, Victor packed a light bag and left Rozenheim for good. He renounced his titles and set off to travel the world. Despite his new exciting life of adventure, Victor wrote back to Ravinia twice a month, telling Olivia all about his exploits.

Gabriel’s visits became fewer and far between as the two got older and eventually they stopped completely. Olivia never understood why…until very recently.

Olivia Rowan Martel

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