Victor von Mohrentz

Lover of Fine Things and Patron of the Arts


Viktor von Mohrentz is a dark-haired, silver-tongued elven noble from the city of Neiren. Growing up surrounded by luxury, Viktor developed a taste for the finer things in life. As a child, Viktor loved music and quickly found he had a talent for playing. He took to the lute especially quickly, to his parents’ dismay.

Under his assumed name, Viktor traveled from town to town, doing odd-jobs and playing music in return for food and lodgings. He carried only what he could hold in his backpack. He gained a reputation among the common people as dependable and hard-working. It didn’t take long for Viktor to get a different kind of reputation. Living in abject poverty changed Viktor’s perception of the world. He felt an overwhelming need to help the less fortunate, or those in danger. He became renowned for his heroic deeds; He felled dangerous monsters, pulled small children from burning buildings, saved kidnapped damsels from bandits (and so on).

When his grandfather died a few years later, Viktor took his share of the inheritance and once again left Neiren, this time leaving his title behind for good. He moved to Algassi, where he bought some property and inherented the most famous and well-known musical venue in the Southern Expanses—the Faladrion. He spent much of his inheritance supporting the local Bardic College and taking aspiring musicians under his wing and acts as a wealthy patron.

During his adventures, Victor became a well-known hero and world-famous musician. He attained a sort of celebrity status. Even now, he still gets swarmed by admirers and fans. Once he retired from the adventuring life, he inherited the Faladrion from an old friend and used his wealth to renovate and revigorated the arts community in Algassi. He was elected Senator and became the cultural chairman. Through his money, power, and influence, Victor almost single-handedly pushed the city into a cultural revolution.


Victor von Mohrentz

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