A Brotherhood Reborn

Algasi at last


Algasi at last. The heroes make port in Old-Town and are quickly reminded of the expenses associated with the big city. After paying entrance fees, the heroes are escorted to the adventurer’s guild to apply for adventuring permits, rather than willingly give up their arms. After one really bad job and one really good lie, the heroes are granted free access to Old-Town, though crossing the river will still cost them more money as non-citizens. The party witnesses the mass execution of 35 rebel soldiers in the town square, and hurry along to Victor’s estate, where Milo helps grant them entrance.

Victor is overwhelmed to see the rumors are true, and a Martel still lives. He promises to help the group any way he can, though he must put the needs of his citizens first. He promises to look into information about Zakathra’s missing general and also recruits a real estate agent to help Flint, Sam, and Grog find the perfect place to open their BB&B (Brewery, Bed, and Breakfast). Victor also gives everyone proper papers, so they can traverse the city under his patronage—as his guests.

Olivia hopes to find out who the mysterious letter was from, and went to the meeting place specified on the note. It turns out it was an ambush all along. Rylof tears open a pocket dimension and sets about trying to recapture the party. Just in the nick of time, Vex arrives and rescues the party with her powerful magic.

After being unconscious for several days, the gang awakens in Victor’s estate. They arrange lodgings for their friends and Flint takes out a loan in order to afford his dream tavern. The party hands out fliers for Aquilarius’ Amazing Antiques and Artifices. Illivan gets himself into trouble by littering, using magic, and littering some more. After breaking several laws, Illivan becomes wanted on a local level, adding to the heat. Now with the town guard—and THREE Judges—on the lookout, the party needs to be careful, lest their new alliances fall through.

Later, at the Festival of Life, Illivan and Zakathra’s relationship took a sharp turn for the better. Olivia, Kaine, and Rex enjoyed their “triple-date”, which ended in Rex getting his highly sought-after kiss, and Flint enjoyed the festival happily alone. The party wrote their deepest desires on scraps of paper, set them inside paper lanterns and let them catch fire, offering up their greatest hopes to Ultima.



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