A Brotherhood Reborn

The Fall of Tuskhorn


The fall of Tuskhorn. After spending several hours shopping the group decided to have Nazrek, Kaine, and Lorien try to salvage what was left of the Black sons. The party however had bigger plans, they had another score to settle. The same enemy that has been foiling them since they first showed up in Algasi. The orcs had been a thorn in the side for a long time and now was the time, but first they have to get there. Along the way Flint tried to get this self sweeping broom he bought from a shady street vender to work but could not do so despite his best effort. After a day or so he inspected it again only to find out it wasn’t magical, and the potions he bought were nothing more than colored water. In frustration he used the broom as fire wood, but it dawn on him that many of the things that vender was selling were things from Auqalariuses shop, but when they had tried to visit him in the city the sign read that he was still out of town. Pushing that thought aside they made it to the broken fortress. Ollie scouted ahead granting the party much needed info on where and when to go in. They chose the watch tower using a grappling hook. They party made their way in slit a couple throats all without detection. however it didn’t last long a Illivaun set off a trap triggering several kegs of gunpowder to explode. The party fought through the entire fortress, and in the center they found him. The one and only Tuskhorn. The battle was long and several people went down but in the end they were victorious. After clearing out the orcs the party decided the fortress had fallen into ruins but if they fixed it up, it would be an excellent base of operations. What will the party do next week? probably find contractors . find out



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