A Brotherhood Reborn

Unexpected trouble


Unexpected Trouble. The gang all meet up back at the fort and Epsil rejoins the party and is caught up on current events. The gang proceeds back to Algasi to stock up on supplies, while they’re in the city they notice campaign posters are up for the two candidates for the upcoming election, but they put it in the back of their mind get their supplies and move forward. They are chasing James after all and dont want to leave him alone for too long as it caused many problems the last time they did. They started to make their way towards Buromisace, just a few miles outside of the city James has a new fort. However it was a 7 day trip and many things happened along the way. The first couple nights were uneventful however about the 3rd or 4th night during Illivaun’s watch the gang was drugged in their sleep and Illivaun was confronted by the same band of 4 that made off with the last Arcstone. They were looking for a book and a key and it wasn’t here they questioned Illivaun but he just told them it was probably still in Aqualarious’s shop. After that he was drugged and the gang woke up the next morning unharmed with all of their belongings. The night after that their camp was attacked by a wandering troll but they dispatched it and went back to bed, on the 7th day the found a naked Miqote woman wandering down the road she waved them down and begged for help. she informed them she was abducted by James and could show them where he was. she led the way for a little while, but then the gang spotted an Arcadian patrol. At the sight of this the woman jumped to her feet and started waving the patrol down stating she had been abducted by the gang. Illivaun quickly saw that this wasn’t a normal patrol they were with a commander and mounted. The patrol closed in an mounted combat commenced. During the battle Flint tried using spells but had no luck, as he eyed the woman he realized it was James’ mage the whole time, they had been setup. They fought their hardest but with the sound of reinforcements showing up it was time for a hasty retreat. What will happen next

Flint's First Prayer to Andromalek
While on the road towards Jame's fortress

You know, I’m really not that much of a religious guy like Illivan is so I have no idea if this counts for anything. Feel free to laugh at me for trying. I guess I just wanted to say thanks while I had the chance to say it. I had decided when I met you, that if I’m going to pick any God I might as well pick the one that laughs in the face of irony and calls it a friend. From that moment I’ve been at your mercy ever since, with you tossing me around amongst Judges, nobles, rebellion, and now even James coming back to haunt me with more irony. As some homeless nobody wandering around in the snow from town to town, getting thrust into this madness you would think I’d feel like a blind man in the dark. But I’ve seemed to adapt to this life as easy as breathing, despite the fact that half the time it’s tearing my physical body apart. All three of us seem to wake up with more scars every day. And yet every morning we rise up to meet each day, for better or worse, with a sense of purpose.

I’ve become allies with such powerful people, and individuals with increasing amounts of money and nobility. I’ve fought incredibly powerful forces and somehow I’m still alive and doing my best to bite back as they slug me around like a rag doll. I’ve got a steady income, from a tavern no less, and I’m managing funds for the construction of a fortress! Me! A wandering nomad who was living a simple life and settling down with a girl I loved. Yet in the blink of an eye she is about as gone as it gets. It still cuts deep sometimes. Seeing James makes it worse. Hopefully these next few days will be the end to this. Hopefully I can bring her some justice in one form or another.

I guess the point to me saying any of this is that the chaos you bring is what makes me feel the most alive. You’ve given me allies to fight for and fight with. You’ve given me something to fight for when I was at a place in my life where I wondered what the point was in joining the struggle. So thanks for giving me that, despite the fact that you make it perfectly clear every day I’m at the mercy of your whims. There is no room for complacency, and one should expect no mercy either. I get that, and I’ve made my peace with it.

I can’t help but notice that you seem to be flexing those abilities of yours more and more often, through Illivan especially. The other day he admitted that you’re in his head a lot lately, and he has been bursting with chaotic magic more and more often. How you thought of turning him it to a potted plant at that moment is beyond me. It makes me wonder, as our chaotic misadventures are happening across the country, is our disruption of the structured, iron fist of Arcadia giving you solely an outlet of entertainment? With the way things seem to be with Illivan my guess is that’s the case, but it makes me wonder if the increase in chaos on this plane, actually makes you stronger and more influential overall? It makes me curious, and the idea entertains me.

Well, I guess that’s enough of talking to myself like an old fool. I should get some rest. I must say, though, living under your banner these days always makes me unsure if I’ll wake up the next morning. What with all the insanity we go through on the regular these days.

**Later on that night Flint wakes up to a troll throwing a boulder through his tent. As much as he was upset, he couldn’t help but enjoy the irony.

Open the wound

Open the wound. After taking care of a bone naga the gang meets up and Flint informs them that there is something he has to do in Miridan. The party go along with him to discover he has been fighting in an underground fight club. Lorien has been as well to help gather intel on a target. They have been scouting for weeks and finally might get a meeting tonight. At the Drunken Spider they talk to Lucil to enter Illivaun into the ring. He starts the fight off ok enough but is disqualified due to unauthorized magic use, wild magic. During the fight Flint sits down to chat with Broadside, a regular in the ring. he discusses his employer which Flint suspects is James but has no proof and has been thrown off by the fact Broadside’s employer works for Arcadia. However right before they departed Algasi the guards stopped the gang and were able to see through Flints ,alter self. They were then accused of a very long list of crimes they know they didn’t do and were placed under arrest,or would’ve been if Ollie hadn’t set off that smoke bomb. Things were clicking in theory but why would James work for Arcadia. After the fight the gang met Broadside outside and were led to a small base outside of Miridan. After being placed in the “waiting room” if it could be called that Flint knew it was James. There were three miqote women chained up, and one of the crimes they were accused of was kidnapping. Broadside came and led them to another waiting room and indicated to Flint his employer wanted to see him alone. Flint entered the room only to be hit with dispel magic. James greeted him personally to gloat and chat more or less. James told Flint that Arcadia gave him a full pardon, all he had to do was make the gang look bad, he of course said yes. In the end James had his mage drop the illusion of the false wall where Flint could see a miqote woman about to be cut in half by a saw blade. James gave Flint a choice to chase him or save the girl. Flint of course saved the girl and let James escape. Ollie nearly killed Broadside trying to get to Flint. Illivaun had other plans though, he saved Broadsides life from the rest of the party and gained the location of where James would be headed next. The gang killed some goons and went back to free the other women. However James had the last laugh after all as Ollie freed the first woman a spike trap triggered instantly killing the other two women. The gang headed back to their Fort upset but at least they saved two of the women. What will be their next move.

A New Ally?

A New Ally? After coming back from Miridan Ollie was called away by Victor. The rest of the crew began to see these fliers everywhere asking for capable people to help look for Aquilarious. The gang headed over to his shop only to find the same vendor that sold Flint that “magic” broom. Flint got his money back or most of it anyways. They found out the guys name was Albion and he worked for Aquilarious, not just that but he was pretty much raised by him. He explained that Art (Aquilarious) didn’t know anything about magic he just thinks Alfie is a good salesmen. The truth of it though is Alfie was just doing what he had to. The shop hasn’t been doing well, they don’t get very many customers. The gang got a small tour of Alfie’s room, if it could even be called that, and discovered he was a wizard. After the introductions the gang went to Haven with Albi to find Art. They spent a couple of days there before being approached. They met the people that had Art by the river and found themselves in a really bad spot. They demanded Alfie open this ornate box or Art would die. He did so and the bandits quickly looted the contents. Alfie was then entangles, and Illivaun turned into a potted plant. Flint looked up just in time to see Art be tossed into the rapids and the bandits make off with….. no that can’t be right. It was unmistakable a glowing yellow stone, it was an Archstone. Flint made the difficult call and saved Art when he surfaced he had just enough time to see the bandits blink out of sight. They found a book and Art was grateful for his life as was Alfie. The crew returned to Algasi and had Nazrek start moving troops into their new fort it had been two weeks already and the repairs were coming along nicely. What will happen next

The Fall of Tuskhorn


The fall of Tuskhorn. After spending several hours shopping the group decided to have Nazrek, Kaine, and Lorien try to salvage what was left of the Black sons. The party however had bigger plans, they had another score to settle. The same enemy that has been foiling them since they first showed up in Algasi. The orcs had been a thorn in the side for a long time and now was the time, but first they have to get there. Along the way Flint tried to get this self sweeping broom he bought from a shady street vender to work but could not do so despite his best effort. After a day or so he inspected it again only to find out it wasn’t magical, and the potions he bought were nothing more than colored water. In frustration he used the broom as fire wood, but it dawn on him that many of the things that vender was selling were things from Auqalariuses shop, but when they had tried to visit him in the city the sign read that he was still out of town. Pushing that thought aside they made it to the broken fortress. Ollie scouted ahead granting the party much needed info on where and when to go in. They chose the watch tower using a grappling hook. They party made their way in slit a couple throats all without detection. however it didn’t last long a Illivaun set off a trap triggering several kegs of gunpowder to explode. The party fought through the entire fortress, and in the center they found him. The one and only Tuskhorn. The battle was long and several people went down but in the end they were victorious. After clearing out the orcs the party decided the fortress had fallen into ruins but if they fixed it up, it would be an excellent base of operations. What will the party do next week? probably find contractors . find out

The sun sets on Roy


The Sun Sets on Roy. The gang took some down time after housing Nazrek in the Crows hideout. Flint took sometime to maintain his bar and the rest of the gang met up with Epsil. Shortly after that they got a call from Victor telling them to meet him at his manor. To their surprise Judge Damian was there and met them with an icy reception. After all with Rylof in dispose after getting beaten to a pulp and Gabe on desk duty, he now had to do his job and theirs. He told them the Black Suns were getting out of hand and Arcadia wanted it dealt with quietly. In return for dealing with the Black Suns he graciously offered to not have the entire party and all of their allies captured or killed, and that he and Victor would be going on a date tonight so no pressure. The gang tried to seek out the senator that Roy had captured before to ask him for help in this matter however, they found his house being guarded by Paladins of Ultima and couldn’t even get past the main gate. Frustrated they then sought help from the crows, but Lorien wasn’t around and Rex was less than helpful. However, Nazrek was, and proceeded to tell them his 2 cents about the situation whether they cared or not. They locked on to a key detail about Roy, his gun. Not many people have a gun and needs to get gunpowder somewhere. They then spent several hours buying a barrel of gun powder, and pick up some clues on Roy’s recruitment. The crew disguised themselves as new recruits for the suns and brought Milo along in case they needed a good distraction. Which they did, they “set a fire” to draw some of Roy’s men away from him. That didn’t mean the battle was easy though, the gang took down Roy’s new champion, his second in command, and after a long fought battle Roy himself. They slit his throat, grabbed what they could, and with some tricks and a lot of running they made it out of the hideout in mostly one piece. They reported what they had done and found Victor back at his manor safe and sound. Damian thanked them and told them they would be in touch.

The General


The General. The quaff tourney came to a close with The Flying Brushmen as the victors. Illivaun made some money and everyone celebrated. After that the gang got another lead on the general near Varenthaull. After getting some info from the town the gang discovered there was a local hunter around these parts with a red cloak and orange eyes that glow. In addition they were told they weren’t the first people to ask about him and those that did typically didn’t return. The gang found his shack in the woods after several hours of searching only to be ambushed by Judge Rylof and Judge Gabrial. Gabe mostly taunted Ollie and nearly killed the whole party. While the red hooded man proceeded to destroy Rylof. After the party laid broken and Rylof as well. Kat managed to get her focus forcing Gabe to grab Rylof and retreat for the time being. The gang met Nazrek, the Fallen judge, the former general of the brotherhood. The found out he was indeed a former judge of Arcadia which would explain why everyone wants him dead. The gang tried to get him to join their cause, and at first he was very reluctant. He claimed he had seen enough people die and had no interest in marching more good men and women to their grave. However after talking to him they managed to convince him to join as a military adviser.

Let the games begin


Let the games begin.

The group met up with Leo and his mother, Niena, the Head Druid of Buromisace. The Quaff tournament kicked off the first day of Vestalia. In the first round, Chambord’s Flying Brushmen demolished the pitiful Tree Hulks, leaving Imrand without a horse in the race. In round two, Frostfall’s frigid freedom fighters, the Snow Owlbears, edged out a victory over the reigning champions, Ravinia’s own River Foxes, in the upset of the century. In the third match, the Crystal Scorpions went head to head with the Witch Snakes, earning a hard-won victory. In the fourth and final round of the quarter finals, the Arcadian Red Giants went toe-to-toe with Rozenheim’s Greyskins, dishing out a crushing defeat.

Going into the semifinals, the Flying Brushmen face off against the Crystal Scorpions and the Red Giants confront their long-time rivals, the Snow Owlbears. Who will claim the Crown? The Mid-Summer Invitational continues next week.

Olivia was shocked when the River Foxes lost out on the first round, but what happened next surprised everyone. The party was confronted by the very handsome and equally narcissistic Judge-Magister Gabriel. Instead of murdering the anxious amateur adventurers, he approached Olivia and expressed his relief that she still lived. As the other party members listened on, it became increasingly clear that not everything was as it seemed; they were friends! Or had been, at least. Not talking to someone for 5 years tends to put a damper on a relationship.

Things turned sour when Gabriel instructed Olivia to come with him and she (unsurprisingly) refused. The young Judge called in his men—the Shadowguard—but unfortunately for him, they were rookies, unpracticed and inexperienced trainees that he had unwittingly assigned to Buromisace. Talk about embarrassing. Gabriel ordered the Shadowguard to capture Olivia and kill the others before he disappeared, likely mortified.

The group easily out-maneuvered the trainees and afterwords, they interrogated Olivia. As it turns out, she only very recently discovered her former friends’ profession, swearing she was just “waiting for the right time” to tell them. No one was really content with her answers, but hesitantly agreed to forge onwards. Meanwhile, Kat tracked down another lead on her missing General and the gang, feeling auspicious winds beneath their wings, decided to pursue it.

As expected, things were not good. They were very, very bad. They reached the cave where this so-called “red-hooded figure” had been seen and found a horrible sight; the cavern smelt of rotting flesh and iron, and it didn’t take long for the party to discover whoever was living here was most certainly NOT the General. Navigating their way through half-devoured corpses and skinned human remains, the party found the heinous homeowner cooking up a horrid human stew. A witch had made her home in this cave. She gave the party a bit of trouble—especially poor Flint, who will be having nightmares about this encounter for a long time. Eventually they persevered and felled the foul femme. They discovered the red-hooded cloak was just a blood-soaked cape and Zakathra’s hopes of finding her General remained—for now—just a hope.

Nazrek's Journal

Ten years ago attack on Arcadia

Day 1
Our assault on the main gate has punched a sizeable hole in Arcadia’s defenses, allowing our forces to move in and set up the siege. Moral is high, as we suffered almost no casualties during the initial assault. I’ve also received word of reinforcements from Chambord; this is great news. We could use the extra men. With Cid’s fleet providing air support, we should be able to maintain the perimeter and press forward into the city without fear of retribution.

Day 8
I’ve dispatched Tanna and her team to gather intel. Meanwhile, Lorien is covering the 4th division on the left flank, and I have Kaine leading the 3rd division on the right flank. Zakathra has gone to the front line to support the 1st division. Lysander Lavellan and his men comprise 7th division and Jax is manning the adjacent 6th division. Finally, I have Brock leading the 5th Division. I’m satisfied with the unit placement, If the winds continue in our favor, this battle should be over in no time.

Day 15
Tanna’s team delivered information last night. Apparently Master Decro executed Judge Zabranth last night. A shame, for sure. We could’ve used another Judge on our side, but regardless—we shall press on. We’ve suffered only minor casualties in the 6th and 1st division. Our ambush has gone off rather well. In only a short time, we’ve managed to press forward; we’ve already reached the Merchant’s District. I’ve sent the 4th and 3rd Divisions ahead to scout and set up the next site. We should reach the castle gates by week’s end.

Day 23
The 7th division has betrayed us. Lavellan and his men have decimated the right flank. Jax and the 6th division were completely blind sided. Kaine’s division is the only one remaining. To make matters worse, it appears the Judges were expecting us. Damn it. I should have seen this coming… there is no way Arcadia would put up so little resistance against our first siege. Why didn’t I see it? They laid the trap and we fell for it.

Day 31
Judge Gis discovered Tanna and her team last night. They were publicly executed this morning. Rylof glassed Brock’s division. There is nothing left. Lorien and Kaine are maintaining the left and right flank, but i’m not sure how much longer they can continue to hold. Kat has kept the front line mostly intact, though they are beginning to suffer heavy losses. The soldiers fear for their lives. At least we still have air support.

Day 36
Lorien’s division has fallen. She’s gone dark. Kaine’s Division still holds but he was severely wounded last night. He now lies in the infirmary. The front line has fallen and Kat…she’s been captured. Early reports say it was the Master himself. I would expect nothing less. The only good news is that her focus found its way back to me. 372 men died defending it, knowing that if it fell into Decro’s hands, all hope would be lost; their deaths will not be in vain. All that remains of our forces is the 3rd and 2nd division. I’ve fended off at least four waves from Arcadia’s forces but I’m not sure how long we can keep going.

Day 39
The 3rd Division has fallen. I’ve given orders for Marcus to get Kaine out. Cid has ordered a full retreat of his fleet. Without air support, it’s only a matter of time before Arcadia cuts a path through to the 2nd division. I cannot allow Kat’s focus to fall into Arcadian hands; I have but one choice. I’m ordering a full retreat. After that, I’m going dark… possibly for good. To everyone who followed me into this hopeless war, I am sorry. There is nothing else I can do.



A list of loose threads

A list of loose threads. Kings day. Our gang decided against better judgement to attend the kings day parade. Judge Rylof, Damien, and Gabriel were all there including Lord Regent Saxton. However the festivities were cut short when the Black Suns set off several bombs, Roy was seen executing several soldiers on the roof of town hall. However he managed to escape again. The Judges managed to dispatch the rebels that remained with little to no effort and get Lord Saxton to safety. The gang laid low until the heat died down. They decided it would be best to get out of the city so they went to finish off the orcs the tried to deal with a week ago. The orcs still managed to put up a good fight, and on top of that it wasn’t even the main force. The gang found a map of a run down fortress north of Miradan. They decided against an assault on the fortress for now. They took Kain and Kat with them to Miradan to investigate a lead on the general. Apparently someone had been going around claiming to be him. Turned out to be some kid, whom upon further investigation may have been the son of Brock, one of the General’s Lieutenants. They took the kid with them to keep him out of trouble and keep an eye on him. They checked out another lead in the city about the general which turned out to be a setup by Arcadia, however it was easily dealt with. Now the gang is of to Buromisace and the Quaff tourney.


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