A Brotherhood Reborn

Session 2
The Heist

26 Eostra 1282 -

After some tense negotiation, the party is able to secure a more beneficial arrangement with the Crowes. They recruit a Halfling thief by the name of Rex, who provides the party with maps and insider information. With desperation setting in, the party decides to steal the treasure from Calamorne’s castle, right out from underneath Judge Rylof’s nose. This plan is risky, but the payoff is enormous and it won’t hurt their reputation any, either. The only problem? They have to wait until after the loot has been moved from the airship to the Manor.

To pass the time, Olivia, Illivan, and Rex attend the Dragon Festival, worshiping the black dragon who created (and lives in) the Drakemoor Swamp, just south of Ronin. After some investigating, the trio discovers that no one who has entered the swamp has ever returned. This causes the party to have some second thoughts about their next steps. Illivan flirts with a merchant so that Rex can pilfer some goods from his stand and their plan goes off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, Flint attempts to hunt in the swamp but without a bow, his attempts are futile. He tries to get more information out of Zakathra but the beautiful noble is still playing her cards close to her chest. Flint has more success with Kaine, learning about his band of merry mercenaries, as well as his involvement in the failed rebellion. Flint quizzes Kaine on his involvement with Zakathra but is unable to find out anything substantial.

Once Ollie, Illie, and Rex return from the festival, they share what they learned with the rest of the party, and the group unanimously decides to change course for the Shabir desert.

On first watch, Illivan and Zakathra have an almost romantic fireside chat as the two get to know each other and Illie reveals more about his past. He confines in Zakathra that his son was stolen from him, the mother of his child most likely slain.

On second watch, Olivia and Rex discuss the pros and cons to being a noble. She speaks more of her good friend Viktor, who renounced nobility for a life of adventure. She argues very persuasively that you don’t need to be rich to be an adventurer, and tells Rex he is welcomed to join them, should he chose.

On third watch, Flint and Kaine talk about Kaine’s involvement with the previous rebellion, as well as his ideas for where the party should go next. He informs Flint of a woman the party may be interested in recruiting, someone in high-command of the Desert Crowes.

27 Eostra 1282 -

The party sneaks into Calamorne’s castle and is able to handily sneak past most of his guards. They secure several treasures as they creep through the manor. Kaine, Flint, and Illivan are able to grab a guard and knock him unconscious. Illivan dons his armor and is able to blend in and cause a distraction so that Rex and Ollie can find and disarm a secret passageway into the treasure vault. This goes poorly. After Rex is uncertain he has the skills to disarm the trap, Olivia takes his thieves’ tools and tries for herself. The trap detonates in her face, knocking her unconscious. Once inside the vault, Kaine tends to her injuries and brings her back to consciousness. Flint uses his magical prowess to disarm an arcane trap surrounding the chest and the party is able to backtrack to the 2nd story landing. Judge Rylof descends the stairway, noticing the something is amiss. The party has to act fast, or they risk being discovered and likely outright killed.

Olivia and Rex are able to sneak ahead of the rest of the party and secure an exit. They secure the last of their rope and throw it out the second story window. The party descends, but Olivia slips and falls 20 feet, only to land on top of Kaine and knock herself unconscious (again). The party hides in some bushes as Judge Rylof peers out the window, seething.

Kaine once again wakes Olivia, but they have no way out of the castle grounds. They bribe Rex into making a distraction so they can escape to the Crowe’s headquarters, unseen and undetected.

Session 1
Daring Escape

24 Eostra 1282.

Deep in the Darkspire Mountains, our heroes lay helpless and captured in the Crucible, a maximum security Arcadian prison. As they are escorted into their cells, they witness a man, Kaine, being beaten senseless by guards. He is thrown into their shared cell and left bleeding on the cold stone floor. Kaine manifests a keyring, grinning through the crimson streaking his face. An opportunity for escape.

As Kaine frees the party from their restraints, they begin to discuss their options. No one knows how to get out of the prison, but Kaine has an idea. Another prisoner, kept in the Pit. Reluctantly, the party agrees.

The party attempts, in vain, to sneak quietly through the prison. A number of ungraceful falls later, the whole prison knows they are missing. The clock is ticking and our heroes must race against time to rescue this mystery figure.

Olivia and Ilivan discover and utilize a ventilation shaft to navigate the lower levels unseen, while Kaine and Flint maneuver the ground floor beneath them. Olivia and Ilivan witness the brutal torture of a miqote woman. The situation goes from bad to worse when news that a Judge has arrived reaches the Warden.

As the guards and Warden vacate the torture chamber, the party rescues the miqote woman. Her name is Zakathera Windfury and she was once the leader of the Archon Brotherhood, the failed rebellion from so many years ago. With this information, the party realizes just how much is at stake, and how deep in it they now are.

They encounter guards on their ascent. Olivia—who has never seen battle—can’t seem to land a hit, while Ilivan and Flint roll through the guards with frightening efficiency. Kaine attempts to rip the silence collar from around Zakathra’s throat.

Once Flint and Ilivan dispatch the guards, they continue on. Once they reach the exit, the party begins unlocking prisoners, starting a prison-riot and causing just enough chaos for them to slip past the dreaded Judge Rylof, the legendary Butcher of Arcadia. They aren’t home free, yet. The party boards a gondola in an attempt to flee the prison, but Judge Rylof has other plans. Charging up his Hell-fire Orb, Rylof attacks the party with cold-blooded intent. Zakathra, using what little strength she has, forms a wall of ice to shield the party from the brunt of the blast. The Hell-fire Orb causes a massive explosion, knocking Zakathra out and sending the gondola flying down the mountain.

A few hours later, the party awakens, injured and bleeding within an inch of life. They are cold and hungry and tired beyond belief. Kaine sets up a camp and keeps watch over a quickly fading Zakathra. Ilivan takes to the city in an attempt to find food, shelter, and a physician. He is unable to find anything other than a bunch of dumbos selling “medicinal” herbs. He spends almost all their combined money and comes back with some herb, some cooking supplies, a 10-foot pole, and other items of varying usefulness.

Luckily, the herb really is of the medicinal variety and Kaine is able to stabilize Zakathra. She recognizes both Flint and Olivia, though the two have very different reactions to the Miqote noblewoman. Olivia refuses to eat the rations that have been procured and instead goes hungry.

26 Eostra 1282.

After some argument, the party decides to head towards the city of Ronin, despite the heavy Arcadian influence. It is a day and a half walk and they arrive just in time to see a huge Arcadian airship docking nearby. Ilivan recognizes the airship as a Frigate-class Airship, and guesses that a Judge must be aboard. The party spends the rest of their money in Ronin and Olivia procures some much-needed food. The party buys some ingredients so the resident princess doesn’t starve to death. Olivia steals a bolt of fabric and manages to make a put together a makeshift outfit. Despite their attempt to bargain, the party isn’t very successful in their attempt to buy new armor or weapons.

That evening, the party discovers a thief in the midst, who they intimidate into giving them information. The thief escorts the party (and Zakathra) to the local Desert Crowes hideout, where they convince Shawn, the leader, to give them a job. The job? Infiltrate the Arcadian airship and steal the valuable supplies before they can be delivered. And yes, Judge Rylof is aboard and he is pissed.


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