Archades Is the Capital of the Arcadian Empire. it is located in the center of Ravanaster on an island cliff face with waterfalls cascading off of each side. This of course provides natural defense for the city, there are only three ways into the city, the main bridge, airship, or the underground passage. The city is pretty racist and only consists of Elves, half-elves and humans. This is where the main senate is located though several senators haven’t attended in many years due to the king going mad and “dealing” with certain senators. The city itself is a mix of magic, industry, and military academies. The most notable is The Academy of Order, which is were people train to become Onyx Knights, DOMAR Agents, Shadow Guard, and if their lucky enough to make it to the Black Spire at the right time with the right skills, a judge.

AID – Arcadian Intelligence Division. They control all of the media, what the public gets know, or whatever lie they choose to spin them.

DOMAR – Division of Magic and Research.

Shadow Guard

Arcadia’s secret police.

Onyx Knights – They are the people trying to become judges, they have the same training but not the augmentation. When a judge retires this is where Arcadia pools from to find the next judge.

Judge- judges are the top five of Arcadia, not only do they have to go through intense training that has the potential to kill them, they have to survive a series of physical augmentations that push their abilities past that of mortal men. The process only has a 1.3% survival rate. in addition the process slowly drives judges insane over the years, but most find a way to cope with the problems. The final product is nothing short of extraordinary. With extended life spans, powerful magics and the strength of a demi-god, the Judges are a force to be feared.

The Sport of Ravanster




Baronies of Arcadia

  • Archades, Barony of
  • Antinum
  • Antiva


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