The World of Ivalis

There are three main continents located on Ivalis: Ravanaster, Dalmasca, and Nalbina. Ravanaster is located in the north-eastern hemisphere whilst Dalmasca can be found in the west, straddling the equator. Nalbina is directly south of Ravanaster, about two-weeks travel by boat. There are a number of other, smaller continents as well as a large number of islands, though this campaign primarily focuses on the Ravanaster Mainland.

Climate, Seasons, and Time

In terms of climate, Ivalis is very similar to Earth’s. The Ivalisian calender is 240 days long and there are four seasons: Lifespring, Highsun, Autumncrest, and Deepwinter. Each season consists of two, 30-day months for a total of eight months.

• Lifespring: Eostra, Brightlead
• Highsun: Aestra, Sunfall
• Autumncrest: Redsun, Goldleaf
• Deepwinter: Duskfall, Winterwane

The Ivalisian week is comprised of seven 24-hour long days, and are named as follows:

1. Soldan
2. Lundan
3. Tirsdan
4. Woensdan
5. Torsdan
6. Freidan
7. Lordan

The Sky

Ivalis has one moon, called Lunara. Lunara appears in the night sky as a large, faintly light blue moon. It follows a regular lunar cycle and is similar in many ways to Earth’s moon. The evening sky is generally bright with stars of varying sizes, colors, and shapes. Astronomy is a popular pasttime for many nobles, and most people, whether young or old, rich or poor, believe the stars and constellations can tell their future.

The Calendar

Our campaign begins in the year 1282, the calendar for which you can find below:









The World of Ivalis

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