A Brotherhood Reborn

A list of loose threads

A list of loose threads. Kings day. Our gang decided against better judgement to attend the kings day parade. Judge Rylof, Damien, and Gabriel were all there including Lord Regent Saxton. However the festivities were cut short when the Black Suns set off several bombs, Roy was seen executing several soldiers on the roof of town hall. However he managed to escape again. The Judges managed to dispatch the rebels that remained with little to no effort and get Lord Saxton to safety. The gang laid low until the heat died down. They decided it would be best to get out of the city so they went to finish off the orcs the tried to deal with a week ago. The orcs still managed to put up a good fight, and on top of that it wasn’t even the main force. The gang found a map of a run down fortress north of Miradan. They decided against an assault on the fortress for now. They took Kain and Kat with them to Miradan to investigate a lead on the general. Apparently someone had been going around claiming to be him. Turned out to be some kid, whom upon further investigation may have been the son of Brock, one of the General’s Lieutenants. They took the kid with them to keep him out of trouble and keep an eye on him. They checked out another lead in the city about the general which turned out to be a setup by Arcadia, however it was easily dealt with. Now the gang is of to Buromisace and the Quaff tourney.



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