A Brotherhood Reborn

Trust no one

Trust no one. Our heroes met up with Epsil again after a week in the brand new Smashing Pumpkin. Flint has been handing out fliers none stop to promote the bar. The rest of the party over heard a man arguing with an Arcadian soldier. the gang talked to the guy and found out he was part of a group of freedom fighters. The gang helped them steal supplies from the Arcadian outpost right outside of town. Which granted them a trip to their secret lair. Epsil tried his hand against the champ in the fighting pit. While Ollie tried to learn more about their leader, Roy. This mistrust in the group turned out to be the right call as they were more terrorist than freedom fighters. Roy and his men kidnapped a Councilman. With the help of Milo the gang was able to rescue the councilman, however Roy escaped.



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