A Brotherhood Reborn

Unexpected trouble


Unexpected Trouble. The gang all meet up back at the fort and Epsil rejoins the party and is caught up on current events. The gang proceeds back to Algasi to stock up on supplies, while they’re in the city they notice campaign posters are up for the two candidates for the upcoming election, but they put it in the back of their mind get their supplies and move forward. They are chasing James after all and dont want to leave him alone for too long as it caused many problems the last time they did. They started to make their way towards Buromisace, just a few miles outside of the city James has a new fort. However it was a 7 day trip and many things happened along the way. The first couple nights were uneventful however about the 3rd or 4th night during Illivaun’s watch the gang was drugged in their sleep and Illivaun was confronted by the same band of 4 that made off with the last Arcstone. They were looking for a book and a key and it wasn’t here they questioned Illivaun but he just told them it was probably still in Aqualarious’s shop. After that he was drugged and the gang woke up the next morning unharmed with all of their belongings. The night after that their camp was attacked by a wandering troll but they dispatched it and went back to bed, on the 7th day the found a naked Miqote woman wandering down the road she waved them down and begged for help. she informed them she was abducted by James and could show them where he was. she led the way for a little while, but then the gang spotted an Arcadian patrol. At the sight of this the woman jumped to her feet and started waving the patrol down stating she had been abducted by the gang. Illivaun quickly saw that this wasn’t a normal patrol they were with a commander and mounted. The patrol closed in an mounted combat commenced. During the battle Flint tried using spells but had no luck, as he eyed the woman he realized it was James’ mage the whole time, they had been setup. They fought their hardest but with the sound of reinforcements showing up it was time for a hasty retreat. What will happen next



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