Earth Genasi, Sellsword, Merchant


Earth Genasi

Flint has golden eyes and skin of literal white marble, with swirls of golden inlay on his arms and chest. He has shaggy brown hair that he chops off in bits and pieces randomly, and yet somehow makes that look good. He tends to have groomed stubble. Flint is 6’3" and a strong build, but not to the point where he is stocky.


Flint tends to be quiet and observant unless he wants something from you, wether it be gold, items, or information. He puts on a lot of charm for people he just meets in order to avoid people from being violently racist, by giving people positive impressions. He still runs into a lot of people being “accidentally racist,” and he tolerates that.

Flint enjoys to read, and is a mediocre cook. He also has a healthy appreciation for magic.

Flint mostly traveled from town to town selling merchandise, but is willing to do anything from painting a house to tracking down the man that murdered your brother if the gold is good. He doesn’t resort to “hired hitman” very easily, but anything short of that is fair game.

A few years ago his fiancé, Kiyara, was murdered in front of him and her killer, James framed him for it. Flint used to entertain thoughts of suicide, however, he has done a lot of self reflection recently, and is at the point now where he has solid goals for the future. Ever since Kiyara’s death he has been more stoic than normal, and Flint’s good nature doesn’t shine as bright in his eyes as it once did. His experiences with the party, and the discovery that James is loose and free to do what he wishes has hardened is heart.

Flint is looking for purpose to his life, and when he agreed to help Zakathera and Kaine with their quest he hoped that the adventures the would follow in their wake would give him a goal to aim for. Despite his skill as a sorcerer he is struggling internally to find out the reason why he keeps fighting. Flint had multiple opportunities to meet death with open arms, and yet a pull at his heart keeps him fighting for survival.

What better way to find hope for his future, than to aid in the wishes of the sister of his King in Frostfall? With his reputation in shambles back in Frostfall because of the silver-tongued murderer, James, what better way to prove his worth than to fight under Zakathera’s cause? If she wants a rebellion he will give her a bloody marvelous rebellion. Or he will die with his last thoughts knowing he will be able to see Kiyara again.

Even though he as committed himself to this cause, and the bitterness of the past few months has taken it’s toll, Flint seems to have been inspired to dust off his past merchant roots when he met Sam and Grog. Their talent as artisans of food and ale sparked his talent for business, and he set towards a personal goal that he once thought was impossible. Through the use of Olivia’s connections, and a lot of luck, The Smashing Pumpkin was born. With the tavern open and thriving, it has quickly become a small safe haven of warm beds and consistent income. It gives Flint a lot of hope and goals for the future. Up until recently, that was a rarity.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last. The Smashing Pumpkin is gone. If it isn’t burnt to the ground it’s owned by someone else now. The Judges send hellfire down on the city of Algassi and everyone was forced to flee for their lives, and Flint had to abandon the Inn. Couple that with the possibility that after a run-in with Dr. Shinra he’s responsible for four innocent’s deaths, Flint seems to be emotionally unstable. After a bender with his two favorite vices Tit and Tat, he has come back with another vice: smoking tobacco. He seems to slowly lean on the twins more and more, for they numb his pain and regret. Flint remains motivated by the cause and the desire to protect his friends, but is now much more jaded towards his life when nobody else is watching.


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