There comes a time when a determined warrior can tell the future as well as any psychic.

My AC is 18.


I like Shish kebabs. And also Shish keBobs.

I thought I was a little too tough, so I decided to give my enemies a chance to hit me a little more. I’ve decided to use a BIIG sword now. More often, at least. At a cost of more devastation, of course.

I never liked this shiny false parchment.

I prefer more physical manuscripts.

This future stuff is so.. Unforgiving.

I’m starting to find uses for these other races. I’ve even taken a liking to some of them. Even one of the mixed races. Something must have been knocked loose in that dragon fight. Perhaps i’ts my need to survive that tolerates them, or perhaps something I have yet to discover.

Maybe other people aren’t so bad.


A Brotherhood Reborn JohnSquibble