A Brotherhood Reborn

Algasi a Blaze


Algasi Ablaze.
After the ball the gang took some downtime before the election. However the election soon came and with it a winner,and Halomon Thauros was the victor. The gang was summoned to Archibald’s house only to be ambushed by judge Vossler. Judge Vossler was very calm and to the point. He offered the party a full pardon as well as a couple of extras things to make all of their lives comfortable for as long as they lived. All in exchange for the war criminals, the Arcstones, and disbanding their organization. The party Considered their options, but before they gave an answer Nazrek walked in the room. He explained what a great deal that was, if only it were true. Some words were exchanged between the two of them, and is the conversation went on it became more and more clear what relationship Nazrek and Vossler had. Nazrek was Vossler’s son, and they were not on speaking terms. The conversation quickly became violent and the two of them began to tear the building apart. The gang escaped the building just in time to see Kat approach it. The gang hurried on to gather up their allies to flee the city. Decro’s air fleet was already dropping soldiers in, and things were starting to get messy. However they didn’t make it far before running into an enemy. Four of them to be precise. The band of Four dressed in Arcadian attire blocked their way. The final show down went on for awhile however the gang emerged victorious, leaving Varn, and Shana unconscious, but alive. The gang gathered up their allies and made it to Victor’s manor, where they found Gabriel. The look on his face said it all as he told Victor “just come quietly, don’t make me do this.” In that moment Victor knew the Gabriel from his childhood was dead. He summoned his blade and signaled everyone to get inside. The gang quickly ushered everyone in shortly followed by Kat with Nazrek’s body. Victor teleported in as well, bloody and bruised, and started drawing a circle. Kat’s face went white, Nazrek didn’t have a pulse. The judges broke down the front door to finally end this once and for all, But Kat had other ideas. She pulled the Firestone from Nazrek’s cloak and unleashed a fire spell unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. As the spell connected Victor finished his spell, And the party escaped.