A Brotherhood Reborn

Cherry Blossom Festival


Catching up. The gang decided to take some time off and attend the Cherry Blossom festival in Chambord. After encountering Drake again and having Ollie almost die to the Assassin, a vacation did seem to be in order. They made it there no problem, and played games, some better than others. They watched a Quaff match Illivaun was particularly excited as the Flying Brushmen were playing. They also attended The annual play of how the festival came to be, however the party forgot one the. This is Chambord, and Judge Gabriel found them almost as soon as they set foot in the city. There was a confrontation between him and Ollie. However that was the least of her worries, for Lysander had also noticed their arrival. He promptly “invited” them to dinner where everyone was made very uncomfortable, understandable when your dinning with the man who killed your who family. to make matters worst Lysander insisted they come to the tourney the next day, where he was seen courting Ollie, which was made very easy by the Lavallin necklace around Ollie’s neck, which was given to her by Gabe several months before. Unexpectedly Lysander allowed them to leave, and they did so and returned to the keep to form their next move. It’s time to head west, it’s time to meet Victor’s Parents, and with Kat getting crazier each day, it’s time to find Vex.