A Brotherhood Reborn

The Phoenix Gaurd is Born


The Phoenix Guard is Born. After their encounter with Dr. Shinra the party took Desmond back to the keep to be questioned, they soon discovered that he was no more than a puppet that Shrina had been using and couldn’t recall the better part of a month. The gang rested for a bit before tending to some errands around Miridan. One of which led them into the mines to take care of a local pest problem. The pest turned out to be umberhulks, but that was the least of their worries. Upon going deeper to check if they had truly gotten rid of the umberhulks, they discovered a band of drow elves. The party chose to retreat for now and inform Mayor Thatcher of their findings. The party geared themselves to go back into the mine, but when night fell somthing unspeakable happened. the mountain opened, and hundreds of drow warriors poured out. Ollie and flint headed back to town to warn everyone while Illivaun and Epsil took their forces to spearhead a counter assault. Ollie gave a very inspiring speech and gathered the women and children to the secret cave on the beach. Flint rounded up the men from the drunken spider to setup defenses. The drow army broke into two half heading to the town and the other engaging with the Phoenix Guard forces. Illivaun smited a demon, while Epsil entered a mage duel with the drow mage. It was close but on the brink of death he prevailed. The rest of the drow army headed by two humberhulks made it to the town just in time to be set a blaze by Flint’s fireball. While the Umberhulks fell the Ollie’s keen blades. The battle lasted the better portion of the night, but Miridan still stood, not one drow lived, and the town had four heroes to thank.