A Brotherhood Reborn

The worst trip to the doctor


The worst trip to the doctor’s office ever. After escaping Algasi the gang licked their wounds. Victor was now up and about, and Nazrek was now stable, however he is now in a coma. The gang met with their advisers to plan the next course of action. They came to the conclusion to secure their back yard in Miridan, as well as make some upgrades to the keep. So the party set off to Miridan to secure some allies. They took some time to get to know the people of the town including the mayor, who informed them that they would love to help them out but they had a problem of their own. Livestock had been going missing and more recently people. The gang did some investigation which led them to a secret lair on the beach. The stumbled into a conversation between Desmond a local amateur wizard in the town and an old enemy they had not seen in a long time. It was Dr. Shinra who had been brainwashing Desmond in to kidnapping livestock and villagers. Flint blinded by rage lit the room up which may or may not have killed a couple the villagers being held prisoner. Desmond animated some of the corpses to fight the party. In the end the gang broke Dr. Shinra’s spell on Desmond, which promptly informed Dr. Shinra it was time to leave. He quickly fled into a strange metal contraption which allowed him to descend into the earth, while the party restrained Desmond. The gang informed the Mayor what happened and took Desmond to be questioned. After questioning him they discovered he had no recollection of the past three months, about the same time that the fire in Miridan took place. The gang organized their forces at the keep and made a house call to Amalee the daughter of Barney, who was the Pot shop owner. He was among the villagers that perished in the lair. The group now finds themselves in town planning their next move.