The city of Algassi covers an area of approximately 2122 acres, with a total population of 128 thousand people. Algassi is controlled by a group of five democratically elected councilmen. The current council is made up of the following:

Mercantile – Aurin Castille
Dominion – Imoen Nakitani
Culture – Viktor von Mohrentz
Religion – Jorren Bronwyn
Science – Archibald Arronax

The Faladrion

The Faladrion has been a staple of Algassi culture for over one hundred years. It is the most famous and well-respected music hall in all the Southern Expanse. Six years ago, the owner passed away in his sleep, leaving the Faladrion to the famous adventurer, Viktor of Laurentia. Together, Viktor and his student, Aria Ponselle, have increased business and prestige all while remaining loyal to the Faladrion’s roots.

The Faladrion is the most well-known for its Gilder, a golden broach bearing the symbol of Baldir—the patron god of Bards and Minstrels.

The Faladrion charges a cover fee of one silver per audience member. Musicians who wish to play are charged an additional silver piece. Those who have previously earned Gilders may enter free of charge and perform whenever they like.

The music hall is very similar in construction to a traditional opera house, with a U-shaped auditorium. Around the auditorium are tiers of balconies. Nearer to the stage are private boxes, where the rich can enjoy the shows in peace.

The ground floor contains standing room nearest to the stage and a full bar and eating area.

The Gilder

The Gilder is a mark of excellence among musicians, even those as far away as Frostfall. People travel from thousands of miles for a chance to earn this coveted golden broach.

Though it costs a silver piece to perform, there is no way to buy a Gilder and earning it is not a task for the weak-hearted. The process is long and exhausting, requiring a musician sway the audience. This is no easy task as it requires winning over both the nobles, who know little about the intricacies of music and simply long for entertainment, and the musicians, who are more likely to catch mistakes and appreciate complex songs more so than entertaining ones.

As difficult as the task may be, it is well worth it. Once one has earned their Gilder, they are granted free admission and may play whenever they’d like. Gilded musicians are generally more welcomed by inns and wealthy patrons are more inclined to take on Gilded musicians as well.


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