Gods and Deities

Ultima- Goddess of love, light and life. (wife of Exodus)

Exodus- God of the sky, law and justice. (husband of Ultima)

Andromalek- God of tricks, lies and deception. (son of Exodus/ Ultima)

Odin- God of war. (brother of Ultima)

Famfrit- God of the sea. ( Brother of Exodus)

Vulcan- God of the earth and forge. (son of Ultima/Exodus) (Dwarven name Torag)

The Shepard- God of death. (Odin’s daughter)

Shiva- Goddess of the harvest, weather and seasons. (daughter of Ultima/Exodus)

Agrias- Goddess of knowledge ( daughter of Baltheir )

Baldir – Patron God of Bards and Artists. Music, Poetry, Art, Beauty. (son of Ultima/Exodus)

Hashmal- King of the nine hells. (brother of Exodus)

Bahamut- King of the dragons. (servant of Exodus)

Gods and Deities

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