Judge Rylof- The Butcher Of Arcadia


Judge Rylof is in charge of the Crucible, the highest security prison in Arcadia. He has a fiery temper and is quick to anger, and his hobbies include killing, maiming, and long walks on the beach. He loves theatre (specifically the part where he gets to dismember the actors) and tea parties

He is rarely seen without his helmet, though the party recently saw his face at the ball. He is a black-furred miqote with glowing yellow eyes and extensive scarring on his face. He has notably soft, kissable lips.

Rylof has personal beef with Nazerek, though the reasons are unknown.

Judge Damien- The Prodigy


Not much is known about Judge Damien. Despite having encountered him several times throughout the last year, he has masked his intentions remarkably well. His actions sometimes run counter-intuitive to what Arcadia wants—or so it seems. He has done as much to benefit the party as he has to hinder them. He saved Victor (by omission) when the councilmen were brought before Decro, and even let the group hold on to an Archstone.

As the head of the Arcadian Intelligence Division, Damien’s job is somewhere between secret agent and public relations. He and his men gather both domestic and foreign intel and use that information to spin the narrative in Arcadia’s favor. It isn’t usually rewrites, just hyperbole and lying by omission.

He’s a handsome half-elf, with black hair (usually kept slicked back) and pale blue eyes. He knows he’s good looking and often uses it to his advantage.

He is/was on good terms with Victor.

Judge Gabriel- The Shadow

Judge Gabriel is the leader of the Shadowguard, and, of course, the world’s greatest assassin. He is extremely prideful and arrogant, with a penchant for monologuing. His need for outside approval leads to him show off and be unnecessarily flashy (something an assassin generally shouldn’t be). He is constantly outshone by Judge Damien, something that irritates him to no end.

He was childhood friends with both Victor and Olivia, though he and Victor parted on very unpleasant terms. As for Olivia, the two bicker like children every time they talk, which makes diplomacy difficult. Even though she wants nothing to do with him, he still tries his hardest. He saved her life when she was poisoned and warned her about the attack on Algassi.

He seems to have a soft-spot for Victor as well.

The majority of Gabriel’s relationships are shaky at best. He outright hates his brother and isn’t afraid to say it. He tries so hard to impress people but constantly falls short, making him the butt of many jokes.

“What’s Gabriel doing?”

“His best.”

Judge Vossler- The Anvil


Judge Decro- The Master


Orders the other judges around, executes traitors on site, and uses people until they are of no more use to him.


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