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Welcome to Ravanaster

Ravanaster is a land ravaged by war, rebellion, and unchecked magic. The largest—and most dominant—kingdom is that of Arcadia, and at its head, the Mad King Gabranth. Once a great and just leader, recent years have seen Gabranth turn tyrannical at best and genocidal at worst. Arcadian prisons are overflowing with nonviolent criminals but those who speak against the King consider themselves lucky to even make it so far.

As you begin your adventure, there are a few important things to note. Some races in the Ravanaster campaign are tweaked from the Player Handbook but few are entirely different. There are also some new or alternative classes available from Wizard of the Coast for playtesting, if none of the classes from the PHB appeal to you (not recommended for new players).

Listed below is the basic outline of Ravanaster’s setting details. Please feel free to contact the DM (Nathan) with any questions.




Main Page

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