Rafnir is the Dwarven city located in the Frost Fang Mountains. The dwarves are very suspicious of outsiders and are not found of letting outsiders in. However being master craftsmen they often will engage in trade. Most dwarves don’t leave the city and in some cases it is forbidden. If you see a Dwarf with a Boar’s head on his armor chances are he’s an exile. The king of Rafnir is seperate from the clans and has his own bloodline. It is also worth mentioning that the dwarves do not recognize Arcadia or Frost Fall as their rulers. They see them as their own separate kingdoms. There are of course minior clans that run the mines and simple shops like taverns, but the gate keeper to the mines are the royal family. The Stoneshields are the royal family of Rafnir.

The current king of Rafnir is Bruenin Stoneshield.

There are four major clans in the city

  • The Frost Hands- This clan focuses on the arcane, magic items, enchanting, and magical study in general. Dwarves from this clan will spend most of their time in the great library learning more about the world and what magic it holds. Only members of this clan are aloud in the Library.
  • The Twin Hammers- This clan focuses on craftsmanship. While all dwarves have some innate stone working in their blood these dwarves excel at it. From the architecture to the weapons in Rafnir, chances are this clan made it.
  • The Raging Boars- This clan focuses on fighting. If you’re from this clan chances are you have a piece of armor with the head of a boar on it. All of the greatest warriors come from this clan. Including the Giant boar riders that guard the gates from the frozen tundra.
  • The Anvil- This clan focuses on Torag god of the forge. Most Dwarves don’t travel far from home but you might see one of the Anvils out and about. After all, their work is that of god. Those in the city will spend most of their time in or around the church spreading the word of Torag.

- Anvil greeting when addressing one another.
– I am the fire that tempers the blade. ( Greeter)
– I am the hammer that shapes the world. (Greeted)
– I am the anvil, the heart of the forge. (Unison)


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